How to Update the Software and even Factory Reset Your Adtran MX-2800

Updating the firmware on your MX-2800 makes sure you are using the most recent, most firm version connected with the multiplexer probable. Adtran releases firmware updates for free and are definitely worth the time to upgrade your network. Often the firmware for the multiplexer offered directly from Adtran’s website.
In advance of we go on, you using is expected in order to comprehensive this process.
• A populated MX2800 Chassis (1200290L1)
• A DB9 to RJ-45 melodrama cable for consoling in to the MX-2800
• A new community switch to attach both your MX-2800 chassis and your PC towards the same network.
• A good TFTP Program for copying the. bin file from a PC to the multiplexer. We use SolarWinds TFTP as it is each free plus easy for you to navigate.
Samsung firmware
• A program in order to gaming system into the multiplexer in addition to send commands to that. All of us use PuTTY since of their versatility
Commence by running typically the dramón cable from your computer’s COM port to often the multiplexer’s console port. Connect your own MX-2800’s LAN dock into the network switch a person are working with. The DESKTOP should also be connected for you to the same switch.
Proceed the. bin file anyone downloaded from Adtran (in our example this is definitely 1205288L1a_342a_1f5f. bin) to the TFTP-Root document and make sure that your TFTP-server is up and running. In addition use this time to see out your pc’s IP address. You will will need this facts as effectively when switching this firmware update to your multiplexer.
Once you have that will information as well as your TFTP server is functioning, you’ll want to launch PuTTY. Select interconnection type ‘Serial’ and even specify a Baud amount of 9600. Once you are in the console hit enter unless you observe a screen appear asking for your username and security password. Enter your username and even password combination. If anyone do not understand that, the default email address details are prepared below:
Username? adtran
Password? adtran
The moment logged into the multiplexer, you’ll want to key in 3 regarding configuration. Strike ‘Enter’ in order to proceed to this setup page. Here you could strike 3 again to obtain method management. You’ll want to be able to get into an IP address and Entry IP Deal with for your MX-2800. We all set our IP deal with to be able to 192. 168. just one. twenty six and the Entrance address for you to 192. 168. 1. one nevertheless anyone will want to set these types of values to whichever is appropriate for your networking.
In order to your IP address, select one then punch in often the IP address occur to be using. The same is performed for that Gateway address simply by selecting typically the alternative 2. Once you have put your code, back away t othe setting web page simply by pressing the TECHNOLOGY OF ESC major.

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